This issue typically occurs if you are not logging into the portal with the same credentials you used to register the material (including the vendor).

If you aren’t sure and you have the order # or access key, we can lookup what credentials you used.

Access keys can only be entered once. Entering an access key that has already been registered will generate this message. This issue typically occurs if you are not logging into the portal with the same credentials you used to register the material (including the vendor).

If you aren’t sure and you have the order # or access key, we can lookup what credentials you used.

This is typically a very simple issue to resolve. Simply close any and all open browser windows you have. Then reconnect to the site and you should be all set. Sometimes, a browser will "cache" an expired session cookie with our server, and it won’t renew your credentials. Closing all open browser windows forces the browser to establish new credentials and access is restored.

DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management" whereby the content being displayed has pre-determined permissions that may restrict the duration of access, printing, downloading, copying, sharing, and the number of devices able to be used. License terms are outlined in in the "DRM Terms & Conditions" section of each DRM product hosted on this portal.



Browser Support



Windows 10

IE11, Edge, Mozilla, Chrome

Minimum 2GB


Windows 7

IE10, IE11, Mozilla, Chrome

Minimum 2GB



Safari, Mozilla, Chrome

Minimum 2GB



OS Version



4.4[Kit-kat] and up.



8, 9, 10


Offline Player

Windows 7 onwards

IE10, IE11, Mozilla, Chrome

Minimum 4GB



Safari, Mozilla , Chrome

Minimum 4GB

Yes. Click here to see a sample of the non-Adobe DRM technology and various features. Please note that the features available for a particular document can vary based on the author or publisher's preferences. See the terms and conditions portion of the product description for more information.

Digital Manuals can be accessed from any device, online or off-line. Our new eReader lets you write and print notes, comments & annotations as well as underline, cross out, and highlight text.

To access a digital content file for the first time, you will need to have access to the Internet and your email. Please check your email to make sure you’ve received an email containing a keycode for your digital content. If you have not received an email, please check your spam and junk mail folders. Some internet service providers will reroute emails containing attachments or downloadable material.

If you are not signed into an account, sign in to your account or create a new account if you do not already have one. Once you are signed into the e-Learning Portal, a grey notification should appear at the top asking you to enter a new access key. This is the keycode that was sent to you via email. Enter the code and select "Update."

After you’ve entered the keycode, the title of your digital content will be listed under My Learning Tools. Clicking on the title will bring you to your content home page. Newly assigned DRM-protected digital content will be shown in a gold title bar. Clicking on the title will activate your DRM content and the title bar/button will turn green, confirming the product has been activated.

Clicking on the green button will bring you to the Digital Document reader in your browser. Your digital content will now be available online, offline using a desktop offline player (restrictions may apply - see instructions below), or on a mobile device.

In order to access your digital content offline, you must first access it via Once you are in the Digital Document reader in your web browser, select this button from the top nav:
DRM Offline Reader Download Button

This will open the Offline Player Desktop App Download prompt which will contain an activation code. Keep this window open as you will need to copy the key in a few steps.

Download the Desktop App and install using your device’s operating system prompts.

After installation, click “Finish” to launch the Offline Player. Select the Activation Code option on Offline Player Desktop App’s login screen, and copy/paste the activation code from the App Download prompt screen to activate the application (this is a one-time process).

After activation, your files will be displayed in the Offline Player Desktop App’s Library list, where you can download them for viewing offline and printing (when applicable).

Please check your product license terms for print authorization details.

Printing digital content requires use of our Desktop Offline Player application. To install and activate the Desktop Offline Player, open your document in a new web browser window. At the top of the page is an icon of a box with an arrow pointing right Offline Reader Download Button for ‘offline.’ Select that icon and follow the instructions to download the application and use the activation key provided to register the application to your account. These steps unlock the print function in the Actuarial eLearning (AL) Portal. Once the “Print” button appears next to your content in this portal, you are able to generate print orders which must then be fulfilled using the desktop offline player.

ALL Print orders must be submitted in the Actuarial eLearning Portal FIRST. Once a print order is entered, proceed to the Desktop Offline Player to complete the print action. Only the print terms you enter in AL will be reflected in the Desktop Offline Player. If your Desktop Offline Player is already open when you submit a new print order in AL, please be sure to REFRESH the Desktop Offline Player at the top of the page in order to update your permissions to the new print order.

To modify, change, or reprint pages, you must ALWAYS return to and submit a new print order for a document. You do NOT have the ability to submit new print orders or modify existing print orders from within the Desktop Offline Player. Attempting to print pages within the Desktop Offline Player that were not part of your more recent print order request in AL will result in error messages that suggest you do not have permission to print that request or that you need to submit a request for additional print authorizations. Instead, please return to AL for ALL new print order requests. Provided you have not submitted print orders in AL that have exceeded the total number of pages you are authorized to print per the license terms, returning to the AL portal and submitting a new print order will give you permission to print the range of pages that you choose, within the terms of your license.

When your print request is accepted, you will see the notification Your print request was successful! You are now ready to Print your DRM protected content.
Then you can open the Desktop Offline Player and choose "Refresh" at the top of screen. Once refreshed, open the document matching the print order you submitted and select the Print icon. The range of pages you have specified will automatically be designated as the permitted print range. Please be sure to print these pages within 5 business days and within 3 print attempts. If you wish to print different pages, simply return to this page in the Actuarial Learning portal, select “Print”again and enter the desired pages when prompted.

Check to make sure your device has the most recent version of flash (or a flash browser extension).